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 Pocket Stampers: All Metal Case, Nickle Gip, Pre-Inked
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Your stamp is totally customized to your needs. The stamp can have anywhere from 1 to 4 lines, with a maximum of 35 characters per line (including spaces). There is a choice of 6 different fonts upon ordering,displayed below.

These Stamper Pens have uses for just about everyone and are highly useful in the medical, legal, and financial professions. They are perfect as a notary public stamp. These stamps can be used simply as a return address on an envelope, to accurate documentation of medical and legal records, and in any capacity where tedious forms require the same information on a repeat basis.

All pens come with a crisp black ink stamp that stamps 5000 impressions before requiring re-inking. Re-inking is as simple as placing 3 drops of replacement ink onto the stamp and waiting 3-4 hours prior to re-use. Your Stamper Pen is simple to use. The stamp sits folded within the pen cap. When you remove the cap, you simply turn the pen upside down, move the pen towards the paper, and the stamper flips down. When complete, you turn the pen right side up, the stamp flips back, and you replace the cap. This stamp makes a perfect impression every time. No need for a separate, bulky stamper any longer!


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